Yoga Vs.Pilates-Which One’s The Best For you yoga teacher training India

Yoga Vs. Pilates – Which One’s The Best For You?

Yoga Vs. Pilates – Which One’s The Best For You?

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In terms of practicing self-care, Yoga and Pilates are effective options with respect to physical movement. There are quite a few differences between them—and knowing about them can help you decide on the right one for you.

According to the Yoga Alliance, defining yoga can be difficult due to the many varying perspectives around it. There are numerous approaches to yoga practice with a few academic and also others more philosophical in nature. Some are steeped in the ancient traditions of yoga that have evolved over thousands of years while even more novel approaches have sprouted in recent times.

Despite all such differences, yoga remains a regimen of techniques and guidance for enriched living. The main goal of yoga is to help individuals improve their levels of well-being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Yoga can offer its practitioners several benefits that include lowering levels of depression, relief from low-back pain and even improving movement and function in those with disability.

Pilates has a relatively shorter history of around 100 years (with origins in the 1920s) and is defined as an exercise that consist of movements that enhance muscular strength and endurance with low-impact flexibility. The goal of this practice tends to be more physical and focused on improving one’s core strength, balance and posture. yoga teacher training India

As per a 2011 study published in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, Pilates has been found to significantly improve flexibility of the trunk and pelvic regions in addition to lesser likelihood of sustaining damages to the body’s axial musculoskeletal system (spine, skull, sternum and ribs). Pilates offers enhanced benefits in pain relief and functional ability when compared to other forms of care and physical activity over the short term.

Deciding on the right one for you

With each practice offering its own benefits, the one likely to benefit you most in personal self-care regimen will require you to prioritize your objectives. For those looking at physical benefits, then Pilates may do well enough.

However, if you are looking to engage in a regimen that offers benefits that are mental, physical as well as spiritual in nature, yoga can be of more help.

Keep in mind that you need to take into account any other health issues you may be suffering from and decide on an options better suited to help you find relief. Or you can opt to take up both.

Incorporating Yoga and Pilates Into Your Self-Care Regimen

For those new to yoga or Pilates and looking to incorporate either or both into their self-care routine, here are a few pointers to help ease into the transition.

If you’re taking up yoga at a health care facility or studio, check with your trainer about the type of yoga training that can be suitable for you based on your fitness, any injuries, physical limitations or disability you may have. Keep in mind that yoga needs you to focus on yourself and your own body rather than comparing or competing with others. In the case of going in for Pilates it’s always a good idea to take it slow and steady before gradually increasing the intensity of your workout.

Always remember that Yoga and Pilates are different forms of self-care that can help one achieve higher levels of fitness and health related benefits.


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