A few primers for such newbies to look for in a yoga teacher training India

Yoga for everyone!

Yoga for everyone!

With the huge explosion in the popularity of yoga, there are numerous styles, studios and teachers than witnessed ever before. However, for someone new to yoga, it can be confusing and very much difficult to pick the right class. Here are a few primers for such newbies to look for in a yoga style or course:

Depth of Knowledge

In practice, educated teachers will provide you with a concise, general outline of the pose, along with safety tips like defining clear, physical limits. Achieving progress without pain remains key. An experienced teacher will offer modifications and variations in the movement to sustain progressing without hurting oneself. They provide assistance and more accessible measures to help you attain difficult poses.

Sporting Compassion

Yoga can be pretty challenging for new students, and it should be remembered that there is no substitute for sweat. Even so, yoga should be kept fun and positive. If it turns too rigid and focused, it will start feeling tedious with the eventual outcome of a burnout. A good teacher will encourage you and demand that you try your best, but in ways that aren’t aggressive or demeaning. A teacher should also make themselves available to answer your questions, and talk to you before or after class.


Yoga can be most beneficial when one is challenged at the edge of your physical and mental limits without crossing over. A good teacher will help you always reach the peak or threshold. Such training will keep you advancing seamlessly and coming back for more.



A good yoga session will uplift you and leave you feeling fully alive. No amount of technicalities are worth it unless you experience more consciousness and vibrancy afterward. In its absence, you’re not experiencing it fully. What makes yoga unique is the way it connects your body and mind. With the right teaching, it can inspire real-life changes.


An authentic teacher should try and be true to themselves at all times. This can mean using less jargon and more of everyday language to connect with trainees. An authentic person will let his or her personality shine through thus relating and empathizing with students. A good teacher will be true and open to students, confidently letting them know when they are doing something wrong or improperly. At all times, good yoga teachers should be humble, embrace their own vulnerability and humanity. Never pretend to be perfect.


While it’s important to mix things up at times, consistency should be the most strived for aspect in a yoga course. When a yoga teacher is prepared and confident to impart what they understand and love, there will be a logical progression throughout the practice. It’s an excellent approach to attain gradual progress while gaining a thorough understanding of the basic positions. Teaching students to perform the basic poses are prerequisites for attempting the more advanced, complicated poses in the class.

All said the best way to get a sense of whether a teacher or studio is right for you is to try out the class and experience it firsthand.