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Yoga Nidra Benefits

Yoga Nidra Benefits

Yoga Nidra Benefits are well experienced with its regular practice. It is an ancient deep relaxation practice, elaborated upon over the centuries. Yoga Nidra is a technique where you learn to relax consciously. According to Yoga Nidra, sleep is not regarded as relaxation. True relaxation is beyond that. Yoga Nidra is a state of dynamic sleep.

Yoga Nidra – A state between sleep and wakefulness

Practicing Yoga Nidra can transform your life and personality. The deep Relaxation in Yoga Nidra can achieve calm and receptive brain state.

5 Benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Brings deep Relaxation – Yoga nidra brings a state of deep relaxation. The practice can be used as a preliminary to sleep. In today’s modern time our monkey mind is always active and is over thinking all the time. We sleep with anxiety. In sleep our mind is active and body is tensed. Yoga Nidra practice will relax the whole body and mind.
  • Helps to withdraws the senses – In Yoga nidra physical centres of the body becomes introverted. This is pratayahara, withdrawal of senses. In psychic sleep, we contact our inner personality to change our attitude towards our self and others. It is also known as a method of introspection. The practice leads to withdrawal of senses.
  • Releases body tension – When the practice leads to withdrawal of senses and in the experience of the deep state of relaxation, tension releases.
  • Brings a connection to the inner self – Guided Yoga nidra practice brings the practitioner face to face with the inner self.
  • Resolves bad habits – Guided by a master and practicing steps of Resolve can change old patterns and habits.

What Happens in Yoga Nidra

A Yoga Nidra Master is needed for the stages of practices, who can guide you through entire guided meditative practice.

There are mainly 3 folds releases of tension.

  • Muscular Tension
  • Emotional Tension
  • Mental Tension

Online Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Certified Teacher Training Based on Theory, Practice and Application.